Shipping policy

    1. All orders (local or national) will be sent to your home by parcel. We use different providers for this service, so the best option will be chosen according to your zip code.
    2. The order confirmation time will be a maximum of 5 business days, after confirmation the customer must wait between 3-5 more business days to receive the package. The company will follow up to make sure the package is delivered. The company is not responsible for delays by the parcel or out of control situations.
    3. The entire order tracking process is by email, if you have problems not receiving emails, you can contact 33 1199 4765.
    4. The client should only receive closed and sealed boxes. Otherwise, the package must be rejected and reported to
    5. In case of receiving your erroneous, incomplete or damaged order, send mail to as soon as they receive it. Claims after two days of receipt cannot request an exchange or refund.
    6. All orders with a cost greater than $ 300 will be sent free of charge to the client. In the case of applying costs for tariffs, they must be covered by the customer.
    7. Orders with an incomplete shipping address will present delays in the process. We recommend that you include the following information when making your purchase: street, exterior and interior number, neighborhood, postal code, city, state, cell phone and email. If your address is incomplete we will contact you to receive the missing data, however, this may delay your package, even if the service is express.
    8. The deadline for the presentation of such claims as (wrong delivery, damage, theft, etc.) will be within the first 72 hours. business days of having received the package, otherwise the case will be declined and said claim will not proceed, after that period expires Sazón Natural no assumes no responsibility in this regard, without exception.